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Does your four-legged friend have "Cat Acne?"
Would you like to know how to prevent it all together?

First lets understand what cat acne really is

Cat acne is a fairly common skin disorder. It doesn't discriminate with your cat's breed, age or sex.  It shows itself in varying degrees of irritation. It can be mild, occurring only as black heads and for the most part not painful or bothersome to your cat. At the other end of the spectrum it can occur as inflamed / draining pustules with local hair loss and steady levels of pain or discomfort.

So what causes this?

The cause of cat acne is sometimes vague. It can be brought on by something as simple as stress or poor grooming. It can also be complex as a suppressed immune system or the result of a current infection or disease. Though most notably, this is brought on by high levels of bacteria. This is found most often through the use ofplastic pet bowls. Plastic just carries and holds bacteria more The simple solution is to always use metal, glass or ceramic food and water dishes. No matter what you use though, you should remember to wash it regularly just like you would your own dishes

So how do we treat cat acne?

Treatment is fairly simply (depending on the severity and the cause). Gently clean the affected area with a warm wash cloth. With a cotton ball apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (this may cause drainage, so be ready with that wash cloth again). Then apply a small amount of neosporin to the pimples. Do this daily and you should see a reduction in about 3 days. NOTE: This method is particularly effective if the acne was the result of bacteria or poor grooming. If you suspect something worse, or if you notice no reduction after a couple days, CALL YOUR VET.

*We always recommend the advice of a medical professional and do not encourage waiting.

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