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Norine James/Owner

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All Photos Courtesy of Past Clients, Thank you for your contribution!

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What our past clients have to say...


“My little Cloe is growing fast! She’s turning out real pretty, and is developing such a wonderful personality. She is so fun to watch dart through the house – from surface to surface without even a hesitation as to think about where she’ll land next.
It’s been so fun and a joy to have her around. She sleeps in bed with me at night, usually curled up beside me, or right in the ‘crook’ where my legs bend – and she doesn’t move for anybody! Otherwise, you can usually find her near Sandy, my golden retriever.
Thanks so much for everything!"
-Debbie in Virginia


"This is Capone's new spot. haha. I couldn't find him & I was calling for him & I looked up & there he was on top of the cabinets! He's such a little love bug, he never stops purring! He is just so darn cute. I wish I could put him in my pocket. I love him so much!!"
-Kasey in Pittsburgh, PA


“Just wanted to let you know Khan is doing pretty well. He woke up a few times in the night and cried, he then went back to bed and started purring. He was sleeping on or next to Allen mostly I try to tell myself its just because Allen is more fun to climb and is warmer.
All in all everything is going well and it hasn't been 24 hours in the house yet, he seems to be adjusting well so far.
-Jennifer in New York


"Nimrod, is a lover in a half, always the greeter at the door, Teleia is all woman, still can't pick her up but for a brief moment, but when she wants to cuddle she will be all over you. Achilles is funnier than anything, with the cute face and meow to match he is always trying to get in the shower with us, and if I ask if he wants to take a bath he runs to the tub and gets in and rolls around. I have a ball with them."
-Donna in Connecticut


“I just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know that our new little Huckleberry is doing GREAT! He's been faithfully using the litterbox, and eating and drinking on a good schedule. He's confined to our bedroom right now, and is spending a good bit of time hiding/sleeping under the bed. However, he's also engaged us in a lot of playing and cuddling and petting and purring...wow, you were really right about him! What a little lover! He even realized last night that he could jump up on the bed by himself, and he ended up sleeping with us the whole night, snuggled up next to my leg!
We are loving him!!!
Thanks again,"
-Jackie & Brian in Philadelphia, PA


"Tomorrow is Clancee's birthday and he will be 2. I can't believe it. I cannot tell you how much we love him and the joy he brings us. He is such a character. He loves playing hide and seek. He also gets into trouble but we just laugh because the things he does are just so funny. I just wanted to tell you we love him more everyday and we feel very blessed to have him and to have had Bronson. Thanks for raising wonderful cats."
-Denise in Allentown, PA


“Clyde sure is a character. He learned how to open up the cabinets; I have yet to put the child safety locks on them. He usually goes in them after watching me take something out. I guess he figures there is something in there for him too. He has also learned to open the louver doors. He is a bit mad at me now because I had my drapes fixed. He would go from swag to swag and sleep in them like a hammock. He would hang from them when he would fall out and the pleats were torn from him hanging on them. Now that they are fixed and pulled higher he can no longer do that so that is when the tantrum in front of the louver doors started until he figured out how to open them. He is still washing his toys and the dogs and he also thought he needed to wash my Halloween annalee dolls!! Before I leave the house I have to tell him to be good. I never know what I will find when I get home. My sister always asks if I would ever get another Bengal and I always say with out a doubt, in a second.
P.S. there are also a lot of peaceful times when he is being a sweet innocent kitty. Greeting guests and sitting on their laps, and cuddling next to me when I sleep. I just think his trouble making stories are funny."
-Stacy in NJ

cheyenne and stewart

"We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how great the kittens are doing. They really are awesome and we enjoy them everyday. Although they are very active, they are also lap cats. When it's not play time they are always cuddling up on our laps. They are very sweet loving cats with no evidence of being mean. They have never bitten or hissed at us. They are just so darn cute. Pictures can't capture their true beauty or personality but here are a few."
-Linda & Rob in Philadelphia, PA


“Just wanted to say hello and update you on Sammy. At 10 months he is 12 1/2 lbs, still full of energy and getting along with our other two Bengals just fine. He particularly likes our male and follows him just about everywhere.
-Diane in Philadelphia


"Here's some pictures of our handsome boy! Simba has warmed up to us so much in these past few months. Now he sleeps with me every night. He is part of the family and wants to be involved in everything I'm doing. He loves to play fetch. He is doing well and I don't know how I ever got along without him. All of our friends and family members just can't get enough of him and they adore him so much. He is one of the prettiest cats they've ever seen and I tell everyone where I got him and where they can find you guys. Just wanted to let you know that he is doing great!"
-Kristal in Reading, PA


“By the way we are so in love with him, he is an absolute sweetheart. My husband will sit there sometimes and say, "I can't believe I love him so much"."
-Denise in Allentown, PA


"We love Kola and his humorous antics. He reminds us of Curious George when he runs away after he's done something he knows he's not supposed to do! The truth of the matter is, he very much likes to break things. We've never had another cat that jumped up and knocked things down like he does. Oh well; guess that comes with the Bengal territory"


“I just wanted to let you know that everything with the kitten is going well. I named him Buster. He is healthy and growing rapidly. He definitely has some Voodoo in him as he gets pretty wild from time to time, but nothing too crazy, just normal kitten stuff, I'm sure. He plays fetch with this ball I bought for him, which really blows me away."
-Kevin in Vineland, NJ


"Jax has become a true member of our family. I am so blessed to have such a great little guy in my life. He is playful, affectionate, beautiful, very smart and a great friend to my son's cat Rocky. We love him forever."
-Denise in Colts Neck, NJ


“Just thought I'd give you a quick update on Sukari since it's been just over a year since I got her. She is my little baby!! My boyfriend is fond of saying, "you love kitty more than me!" Sometimes that is definitely true! haha 😉 She really is an absolute joy. She always greets us at the door after a long day and snuggles up with us every night. She loves to play and I swear she's part dog! She plays fetch with drinking straws, walks on a leash, and races around the house about once a day when she just can't stand her own energy; she's a hoot!! I've never gotten so many compliments! The vet calls her "the little beauty queen" and I can't help but agree 🙂 I'm so thankful to you for giving me such a wonderful girl! I love her!!:)"
-Emily in Philadelphia, PA


"Kitty handled the jet ride just fine. What a sweetie she is."
-Mary in Trimonium, MD


“Last week I worked night shift & when I woke up I found a whole roll of paper towels shredded across my living room & Koa was the one I caught red handed although I know they all had a field day!"

capone and kemo

"Well once again I couldn't be happier with my new little guy. He is adjusting so well & he is quite an eater. I give them avoderm select cuts & he goes wild over it, he licks the bowl completely clean. He is so sweet; if you so much as touch him he drops on his back for you to scratch his belly. I'm just in love with him & I can't wait to see how his pattern develops. His "brothers" are quite anxious to meet him; they lay by the door & cry."
-Kasey in Pittsburgh, PA


“Just wanted to send you an update of Gracie. Forget this slow transition stuff- the attached photo is after a full week in the house and she's totally at home. Boy, she's not shy! And her REAL boyfriend, Peanut, isn't even in the photo. She bonded great with Bently (orange tabby) which is what we wanted because he lost his best friend Milo this year and has really been lonely.
She's a pleasure! Thanks again."
-Alice in Harleysville, PA

capone and kemo

"Well once again I couldn't be happier with my new little guy. He is adjusting so well & he is quite an eater. I give them avoderm select cuts & he goes wild over it, he licks the bowl completely clean. He is so sweet; if you so much as touch him he drops on his back for you to scratch his belly. I'm just in love with him & I can't wait to see how his pattern develops. His "brothers" are quite anxious to meet him; they lay by the door & cry."
-Kasey in Pittsburgh, PA

logan and jasmine

“Logan & Jasmine are doing great! We love them. They can be quite a handful at times but they are the best!! If you have a litter in the future that has an exceptional silver or a snow with beautiful blue eyes please let us know, we MAY be interested! Haha. You really cant just have one Bengal!!"
-Jess in Royersford, PA

clyde and kemo

"Clyde is beautiful and full of mischief. He can jump from the counter top to the top of the cabinets and I have 9 foot ceilings. Then he walks across the window on top of the slider and either jumps or falls off. He goes in the bathroom garbage and scatters things around the house and also goes in the bathroom cabinet and scatters tissues and dixi cups through the house. I have to get the child proof locks. He is so attached to Link, he wants to be with him all the time. He is constantly grooming link while he is sleeping then decides to bite him and then the games begin. I would be afraid to leave link out of the create when I am not home I think they would destroy my house by rough housing it. Never a dull moment. Love them both to pieces, don't know what I would do with out them."
-Stacy in NJ


“Hope all is well with you.. Just thought I'd send you some pictures of Neko and show you his progress. He's a total spaz lol but he's been great here and I couldn't have gotten a better companion. Honestly..."


"I have to tell you...you changed my life with this kitten and his name is Oskar. I knew from the first time I talked to you how special you are and then I wanted to get a cat from you. I missed my cat (another Bengal... I'm sure I told you already) so much since last October...October. 30th to be exact. You changed my life with this cat."


“When she first arrived I was not sure I ever thought I would have a kitty that allowed herself to be so vulnerable and trusting!"


"He walks on a leash and everthing!! We get alot of attention when i take him out with me."


“I have attached a picture of Otis! He is the love of our life and so spoiled! Lol "


"Hi Norine I wanted to give you the annual update on Miles. He is doing great & and we love him so much. Please see below the pic of him. Thanks for allowing us to adopt him. Regards,"


“The kids are in love! My middle daughter is still a little scared to hold him but she sings to him and plays with him all day!"

"Hi Norine! I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for holding my hand through this process. I am beyond excited to officially have selected my baby girl and so is the rest of the family (though my husband was a little disappointed I did not go for a rosetted). You are a completely amazing person that enriches the lives of those who adopt your babies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

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