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We love when we get updates from clients, especially with pictures of their beautiful Bengal kittens. Recently we received an email from Army Sgt. Ott. Here's what he had to say shortly after taking home his Indian Creek Bengal:

"Cash is doing great. On the ride home he sat in the box and let me pet him the whole time. Once we got home the kids were really happy to see him but he was a little scared and hid in the corner so we left him alone and he slowly came out to check the house out in his own time. He did to start eat that night, he ate both the dry food and some of the fancy feast. By Saturday he was used to us and lays on our lap and he plays with his toys. Over all a very happy cat.

-Micah D. Ott

Thank you, Sgt. Ott. We are so glad Cash is doing so well.

( I just love how our Bengals make such great companions for our military service men and women. *Remember we offer discounts to those who actively serve in the military! )

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